We were referred to Dr. Caldwell by Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services, upon learning our beloved 10 year old poodle Buddy had hemangiosarcoma, and a very short time remaining. In fact, it was suggested we could either euthanize at that moment, or try chemo which would only extend Buddy’s life by about a month, if that, or we could try acupuncture. My husband and I had never had acupuncture before, so did not know what to expect, but this is the route we chose and we are so glad to have done so.
From the very first introduction, I immediately felt at ease; Dr. Caldwell is so caring, and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did she provide excellent acupuncture services, however she also prescribed a holistic diet as well as helpful supplements. We were amazed how early into his treatment with Dr. Caldwell, Buddy started acting like a young puppy again, with lots of life and energy! We visited every two weeks for acupuncture, and looked forward to those visits with Dr. Caldwell, which Buddy seem to enjoy, as well.

Dr. Caldwell was wonderful about setting expectations with us, so we were aware that although Buddy was responding very well, that eventually, the cancer would take its toll and we needed to be prepared that we may need to say our goodbyes rather suddenly. Five months into his treatment, Buddy did have a major setback and when we took him to the emergency clinic in the middle of the night, they advised that euthanasia would not be inappropriate at that time. Dr. Caldwell however gave us hope and immediately came to our house and treated Buddy and we were amazed when the following morning, he bounced back and was running around and playing with his sister Peaches, our rescue dog. Once again, Dr. Caldwell set appropriate expectations with us that this bounce-back may be short-lived, so we learned to appreciate fully every moment we had with Buddy.
About a week later, it was clear that the time had come to say our final goodbye’s, as the cancer was causing Buddy to not feel well and it was not going to improve. Dr. Caldwell helped us all get through this very difficult time and we are extremely grateful for her compassion, dignity, and peace she brought to all of us. While we wish Buddy were still with us, we absolutely know that Dr. Caldwell gave us 5 special months plus one week with our beloved family member, which we would not have otherwise had. I cannot state enough how strongly and enthusiastically I recommend Dr. Caldwell’s veterinary services…in fact, we look forward to bringing our dog Peaches and cat Shayla so we can learn her recommendations for diet and healthy living. Thank you, Dr. Caldwell, for all you do to improve the lives of animals and their people!!

Karen Karlsson and David Rubino